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Isagenix Presidents Pak

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I am so happy with the result from using Isagenix. I have been using the products for almost 2 years now and love it! The shakes, Ionix and daily essentials are my must haves! FULL DICLOSURE - I am the owner of this site and this is my personal review. Watch the video for my full review.

30 Day Cleanse

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I love the shakes!! The energy that I get from the cleanse is amazing and I also hit my weight loss goal which I am very happy about!

LOVE these products!

5 5 1
Ive been using Isagenix products for almost 4 weeks now and can honestly say that these products and systems work!! Shakes taste amazing, love the energy it gives me and I've already seen positive changes with my body! Super happy to know that I can and will reach my fitness/health goals with this stuff!!

30 Day system

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I am only 7 days into my cleanse but I can't remember the last time I had this much energy. I definitely lost weight already too but I am waiting until day 8 to do my scheduled weigh in. Steven was great too when I had questions. Thanks!

Feeling Fabulous

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Before Isagenix, I was struggling with poor eating habits and constant fatigue. I was introduced by one of my best friends and have been using the shakes and ionix and cleanse for life as a part of my regular healthy lifestyle. The shakes are delicious and really help with my on-the-go lifestyle that I have now created with my abundance of energy. Stoked!

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Incredible Results

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“I am extremely proud to say I L-O-V-E myself again”

Jas Jones Isagenix Weight Loss“Before Isagenix I was completely broken and miserable after years of emotional abuse. My weight was spiraling out of control, I was tired but could never sleep and suffered from headaches. I walked through life with a fake smile, I didn’t loved myself and saw no beauty or worth in the woman looking back at me in the mirror.

My amazing friend Leanne introduced me to Isagenix and in my first month, I couldn’t believe how different I felt. Not only did I lose weight, but I was sleeping again, I felt more energized, no headaches, my mind seemed clearer and I was starting to feel happiness again. I kept going and lost more weight before I found out I was pregnant.

I continued to fuel my body with optimum nutrition and gave birth to my healthy son. My son could have easily become my excuse, but instead, he and my daughter became my motivation to be the healthiest mummy possible. The pregnancy weight came off within months and I kept pushing towards my health goals.

I am now a member of the Isagenix 100 pound club. I lost a massive 137 lbs and shed over 118 inches off my body! I’m so grateful to be a happy and healthy mum, who can finally be a positive role model to my children.

I am extremely proud to say I L-O-V-E myself again and when I look in the mirror these days, I see a brave, strong, confident and beautiful woman smiling back at me.”

-Jas J

“I am in the best shape of my life – strong and confident.”

Christie Before and After “Some of the changes that I have noticed since starting Isagenix and becoming more active: The protein in the Superfood shakes keeps me full so I’m not seeking out the junk food I used to eat. My hair and nails started growing back and I wake up early every day with no alarm (and no daily naps)!

I now do yoga EVERY SINGLE DAY and am in the best shape of my life – strong and confident. I’m alive to be an Aunt to my new niece, have unbelievable energy, enthusiasm and positivity for life. My yoga studio honored me with an award “Most Influential Yogi” and it made me feel great on the inside, just like I looked on the outside.

I don’t weigh myself anymore, I love food and how it helps fuel my body. I have replaced diet soda with water and Isagenix helps me be a REAL role model for women. I eat mindfully, nutritiously, and intuitively; and am active every day.

I am feeling on top of the world! I love my body and all that it has been through, and all it continues to do for me. I hope I can be your champion because I already feel like I’ve won!”


“My waist size dropped from 31 inches to 26 inches”

Thai before & after Isagenix

“I have gone from someone who was uncomfortable with my body image to someone who is going on stage in front of hundreds of people and showing off my new found body.

I am so grateful and blessed to have Isagenix in my life. I started the isabody challenge at 148 lbs and am now 130 lbs. I went from 18% to 6% body fat and my waist size dropped from 31” to 26”. Since I came back from one of our company events.

I have decided to quit my 9-5 job and pursue my Isagenix business. I have been a product user and now ready to do the business.”

-Thai T.


“I woke up one day knowing something had to change.”

Jacqueline's B/A photo“My Isagenix journey began two years ago when I was a struggling university student- broke, bloated, exhausted, stressed & plateauing in my physical results. Within days I felt like a light switch had been turned on inside of my body. The foggy brain was gone, I wasn’t bloated, and I had energy to boot! Hour long naps were no longer a daily necessity.

Over time, my overall health improved and my body was able to gain lean muscle and get rid of toxic fat with ease. Fast forward to 9 months ago, I finished university (with better grades than I thought I could- thank you mental clarity) and moved home to save some money. I was on a high- I began my own business, I was with my family & I was feeling great about life.

After my severe back injury in July & my car accident in August, I stopped taking care of myself. I let my circumstance take control of my life, instead of me taking control of my circumstance. I hit a new rock bottom.

October 2015 came around & I woke up one day knowing something had to change. For someone who motivates and inspires people for a living, I felt like a fraud. It was a wake up call when I realized I could inspire others, but could no longer inspire myself. I knew that Isagenix was my solution & that the Isabody Challenge (an optional Isagenix fitness challenge) would give me the discipline, accountability & drive that I needed. Little did I know the journey ahead of me for the next 16 weeks.

I was blessed to meet people who believed in something greater for me. People who helped me gain my strength & become stronger that I have ever been- both inside & out. People who held me accountable & knew I could succeed. People who saw my greatness before I ever did. I can’t express the gratitude that I have for the impact they have had on my life.

Those 16 weeks allowed me to create something better for myself. I worked harder on myself then I have ever worked before in my life. I did things that were incredibly far out of my comfort zone & things I never thought I could do. There were bad days & great days- lots of tears, but even more smiles. The journey isn’t over for me- this was just the beginning that I needed. It isn’t even as much about the physical transformation.

That before photo wasn’t me. The one beaming in the photo on the right is. Happy, accomplished, strong & proud. I am so incredibly grateful that I said ‘yes’ two years ago. To everyone who has had my back, supported me & encouraged me over the last 16 weeks- thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. I am so grateful for you. I am so grateful for the incredible nutrition and people in my life!”

Jacqueline C.

Why Buy From Me?

1: Coaching.

You get to be coached by me personally. I don't attempt to hide behind a website and push product hoping to just make sales. I am here for your success.  Contact me and you will quickly get a sense of the value of working with me.

2: Our Amazing Product Guarantee!

If at any point in your first 30 days of using Isagenix you are not completely ecstatic about how you feel, your weight loss, your increased energy and the results that you achieved using our system, just call our super friendly customer support (not kidding, they are super friendly) and they will get you a complete refund on your products.

Just be sure to keep your empty containers because they will want those sent back to prove that you actually gave it a shot and used our amazing products. 

Yes, that's right... We even refund the product that you have already consumed.

Yes, thats right... you could even use our amazing nutrition for 29 days to change your life, and if you are not 100% over the moon happy about your experience, just call customer support to get a complete refund on your products. 

Not many companies or people are willing to put a guarantee like that, front and centre, about their product.  We put it front and centre because we really are that sure you will love your experience!

With a guarantee like that there really is zero risk in trying this out. Worst case scenario: you get a month worth of the most amazing nutrition your body has ever experienced and your money back.

Warning: Not all other retailers offer a 30 day guarantee of Isagenix. 

We do!

Contact Me Directly To Get Started With Our 30 Day Product Guarantee!

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Isagenix Presidents Pak


My Personal Isagenix Review

    Before I started Isagenix, I was VERY skeptical about it. People kept telling me I had to try it and they were making it sound like it was some kind of “miracle cure”.   I don’t know about you, but stuff like that really turns me off.  

And, FULL DISCLAIMER: No product is a miracle cure that is instantly going to make us all healthy, happy and rich. Isagenix is no different!

Everything has its pros and cons, and what I find valuable is being able to evaluate what you want to get out of it – the advantages and disadvantages – so that you can decide if Isagenix will get you the results that you are looking for.  

For me…   Before I started Isagenix I had been experiencing very low energy for quite a while. I constantly felt tired and fatigued and I was extremely frustrated that I could not find a solution for this.   On top of all this, I felt like my head was in a constant fog that I could not get out of. I had tried everything. Juicing, vitamins, supplements, various diet and meal plan changes and nothing seemed to help.  

I started to feel hopeless and really felt like I was settling for less in life.  

Late one night I found myself in bed unable to sleep and feeling frustrated about my life. I turned on a motivational podcast and heard a girl getting interviewed and she talked about having all the same problems I was experiencing.  

She spoke about a 30 day cleanse system that her best friend bought for her to try. She said she was VERY resistant to trying it but was at a point where she was had to try anything that could help.   She said that within a few days of using the system she felt like someone had plugged her in for the first time in her life!  

She related to everything I was going thru and then didn’t even mention the name of solution she had. I couldn’t believe that she said so much about it on the podcast and didn’t say what it was.  

I ended up finding her online, emailing her and asking her if she could tell me more about what system or product she used. It turned out it was Isagenix!   She answered all of my questions and assured me that it’s not one of those cleanses that will have you running to the bathroom because that was one of my biggest concerns.

She showed me what she had done to get started and helped me pick out the best pack to help me reach my goals!  

I didn’t realize it at the time but it was such a smart move for me to reach out to her (even though I didn’t know her) instead of getting started with one of the two people that had recommended Isagenix to me before.   She was clearly passionate about Isagenix and she was very successful with building her Isagenix team – she knew her stuff!

I am so grateful that I learned from her how to make sure people are set up for success.   Getting started with someone that is a successful Isagenix Associate is extremely important!  

When you get started with a true leader (and not someone that is just trying it out) they can actually make it easier to get your products paid for and also make money – if you want to.

Plus, you get to be a part of the excitement and success!   Basically, she made sure that I was on the right tracks with the best system for me system right from the beginning! I am forever grateful for that.  

A few days later everything arrived and I was like a kid in a candy store!!  

My First Day using Isagenix

(Me with my Presidents Pak)

After 4 days of using the system, it was almost indescribable how different I started to feel.  I had more energy than I had in years and I felt like the fog had lifted in my head. My mind felt crystal clear and sharp!  

For the first time in literally years, I had a new sense of what life could really feel like… I had forgotten what that felt like!  

I had gone from someone that had lost drive and feeling pretty much hopeless to someone reconnected with my drive and feeling great about life.  

The way a nutritionist described it to me made everything “click”.   She said “Most of us consume a lot of junk every single day that severely lacks nutrients. From artificial sugars, sodas, bad fats, and many other foods that contain pesticides, antibiotics, steroid, and toxins. Our bodies create extra fat to protect us from these toxins and to store these toxins in.”  

What we end up with is a nutrient deficient body that is creating fat and storing toxins!!! Not exactly an ideal situation.  

Think of your body as a high-performance sports car.   If you give it high-quality fuel it will run properly and have lots of power! But, if you run cheap fuel in the car, it will get to get build up in the engine and it will not run properly.   If you want to get it running perfectly again you have to add a cleansing agent with premium fuel to get rid of all the buildup and get your car running perfectly again.  

Isagenix works in much the same way. It gives your body a cellular cleanse and then floods your system with all of the nutrients it needs to clean up all those toxins.

The result is that you’ll be dropping weight that your body no longer needs and you’ll have an energy unlike anything you’ve experienced in a LONG time!  

I can’t tell you how much this has changed my life!  

To wake up with a clear mind and have far more energy throughout the day. This single change has had a a profound impact on my happiness.   I used to walk through the day feeling like I had weights holding me back constantly… after 2 weeks that was gone and I felt like a completely new person.  

For the first time in years, that weight was lifted and I felt like I could actually accomplish my goals.  

My family and friends noticed the change in me right away and wanted to know what was up!? I had no idea so many people were searching for a similar solution for their weight loss and low energy levels as well.    

2 weeks into my 30 days cleanse I was functioning as a completely different version of myself. I felt sharper, my energy was amazing, my body had a lightness to it and I felt great! I felt inspired.    

I realized that I had spent the last few years of my life saying that I wanted to move across the country but doing nothing about it.   So, I decided to go for it and really live the life I always wanted to live. I sold a lot of my stuff, rented my house out and went for it moving from the east coast all the way to the west coast.   I always wanted to live here and now I finally get to say that I live in Vancouver. It’s an absolute dream come true and I love it here!  

Now, I am not saying you will move across the country when you use Isagenix but what I am saying is it helped me have the clarity to focus in on what I wanted most in life and the energy to go after it.  

I can’t express how freeing and empowering that is!  

I guess I should add to that… many people that I know use Isagenix mainly for weight loss and it’s incredibly effective for that.   However, that wasn’t my main goal when starting out. I did lose 8 lbs, though! I felt great, I felt lighter, and like I said, my friends and family noticed a difference as well.   I also became a more active person, started going to the gym and began building lean muscle, which made me feel even better!  

For me, Isagenix was the “kick start” that I needed to change everything. It was like a snowball rolling down a hill. Day after day I felt better and better. And, that clarity allowed me to achieve even more.   Everything just started feeling effortless.   But as great as I felt physically, the most important thing for me… the thing that has changed my life… was achieving that mental clarity, happiness, and confidence that I had previously thought was unattainable for me.  

There are very few things in my life that have had such a profound impact on me, and that’s what I want to share with you today.    

So let’s get down to the details so you can see if this is something that could be a great fit for you.  

The biggest misconception that I want to clear up is that Isagenix is a fad diet or magic pill. It is not a fad diet or a magic pill. Isagenix is a System!   You see, our body is a result of our current nutrition system. Adding a pill to a broken system does not fix it. We must use a better system if we want better results.  

And that for me was one of the biggest advantages.     

Everything is laid out for you, step-by-step.    

It’s scientifically formulated to give your body exactly what it needs when it needs it. Your vitamins, supplements, meals, snacks are all laid out specifically for you.   You’re only responsible for 1 meal per day (I can get you the most delicious, healthy recipes that I had during the 30 days which made everything even more enjoyable for me).  

It is literally the easiest nutrition plan I have ever done!   I don’t know about you, but I have had the hardest time “sticking” to the latest fad diet or meal plan that requires me to completely switch up my routine. I switch up my eating, go buy a ton of new groceries, and the next thing I know I’m back to eating the way I was before.   It’s just too easy for me to fall back into my old routine. Between friends, family, work – it always sucks me back in.

With Isagenix, this was the easiest thing I’ve ever stuck with.  

Maybe you’ve experienced that vicious cycle as well. Getting excited about something and then 2 weeks later you’re back to your old routine.   Isagenix for me was the convenience factor of having everything laid out.    

Which leads me to the second advantage — Convenience.    

I absolutely LOVE the convenience of waking up in the morning and not having to cook an entire meal to know I am getting complete nutrition to start my day. I literally throw the shake in a blender or if I am in a real rush into my shaker cup and go out the door with my delicious & nutritious shake in hand.  

It’s just so convenient.  

And because of the high-quality nutrients it provides, you will feel full throughout the entire day. Not having any hunger cravings was very important for me.   What Isagenix is doing for 30 days is giving our bodies what they’ve been missing for years.

As I mentioned before, it’s taking that high-performance sports car, removing all those toxins that have built up over the years, treating it with the right fuel, and getting that car running perfectly again.    

The most common benefits people experience throughout this process are:    

  • Weight-loss
  • Increased energy and alertness
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased focus
  • Better sleeping better
  • Skin looks and feels more vibrant

   Most importantly for many people, you’ll be giving your body a serious 30-day health kick with one of the easiest to follow systems around.    

Now for the Advantage that most people do not see coming but it’s pretty much what everyone ends up falling in love with…   The community!    

The Isagenix community is like a family of the most inspiring and supportive people you will ever meet. People with an infectious energy that will keep inspiring you and driving you forward.   It’s the most powerful community I’ve ever been a part of for helping me break through my barriers and go after my goals in life!  

There are optional live events, meet-ups, and Facebook groups with the most amazing people.   You don’t have to take part in any of these groups or events but it makes such a huge impact on your life when you make friends with people that also value their body and energy and want the best for you.  

Some of my best friends and most life changing experiences have come from Isagenix and that to me is absolutely priceless.   Those pieces have made more of an impact on my life than anything else.    


Isagenix Friends- Volunteering

(While at a company event our team volunteered to spend the day with children at a school for the less fortunate. Such a blessing to be a part of such an inspiring group of people!)


  Now that I have told you my main advantages for using Isagenix over many other programs out there, there is one main drawback that I need to warn you about…  

Look, I’ll be the first one to say that Isagenix isn’t for everyone. There are people out there that have tons of success completely changing the foods they eat and what they cook but I’m not one of those people.   I needed that extra kick in the ass.

I needed something that was so easy to follow and start seeing results from – that I could do with my insanely low energy levels. Everything else I had tried prior – I had quit in a matter of days or weeks.   I needed something that was virtually “effortless” to follow and I would start seeing results from quickly.  

For me, it’s a major advantage to have everything laid out for me for the next 30 days, something I didn’t have to think about, and all I need to do is take what I needed when it’s time to take it.   But don’t take my word for it. Read and listen to many of the other success stories on this page that talk about their results, how simple it was for them, and most importantly, how life changing it was.  

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact me. You can call my cell or send me an email and lets connect so I can learn a bit more about you and we can finally figure out the easiest way for you to hit your goals.  

Don’t delay on this. Don’t say “I’ll get to it tomorrow”.  

The only regret most people have with this is that they waited this long to transform their lives.   And you literally have nothing to lose.

Once you get started, if you decide it’s not everything you thought it would be and more, there is a full “no questions asked” 30-day product money back guarantee.  

Isagenix Refund Policy

  Look, there is absolutely no risk in trying this out. If you try this out and decide for whatever reason in the first 30 days that it’s not for you, simply ask for a refund. No questions asked.  

But if you do nothing, what is going to change?

I use to tell myself, I’ll get started next week… or next month… and 6 months would go by and nothing would ever change. Until, I tried this.   So ask yourself this, “Do you want to wake up 30 days from now and be in the exact same position you are in now?”  

Or, do you want to do this out and wake up 30 days from now with a level of energy you haven’t had in years, you’ll be sleeping better, be shedding weight with the easiest system you’ve ever used, and feeling like you can do anything?  

And, your friends and family will be asking you what YOU have been doing to get those results.  

That’s what Isagenix is all about. It is all about finally hitting your goals and then inspiring others that watched you do it!

It’s truly an incredible feeling!  

Don’t hesitate, contact me now and let’s figure out if this will be a good fit for you.  

I hope you found my review helpful and I am looking forward to talking with you soon!

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